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Length: 6 days
B BLOCK - 12pm-3pm CST
(A and C BLOCKS not available)

Prerequisites: Students attending this course are expected to have the following: CAMWorks 2.5 axis training (SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training). CAMWorks 3-axis Essentials. Experience with Surface Modelling inside of SOLIDWORKS Design Software. Experience with CNC Machining.

Description: This course is intended to teach individuals interactively how to create, review and edit Advanced 4- and 5-axis or simultaneous toolpaths using CAMWorks for the machining of parts and assemblies as created in SOLIDWORKS (and CAMWorks Solids).

Topics covered in this course:

  1. Introduction to CAMWorks 4/5 Axis Programming
  2. 3+2 Axis Programming, 3 to 5 Axis Conversion, and Wrapped Features
  3. Multi surface
  4. Multi Axis Operation Parameters
  5. Multi-Axis Operations
  6. Multi-Axis Roughing
  7. Swarf Machining
  8. Axis Drilling
  9. 5-Axis Post-Processor Considerations
    CAMWorks 4/5 Axis Milling - Instructor Led Online Training

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