SKU: 123-00301-S

Compatible 3D Printers:

  • F-Series
    • F170
    • F270
    • F370

    Product Description:

    PLA Cooling Module: Essential for Precise Material Cooling Regulation

    Elevate your 3D printing game with the essential PLA Cooling Module. This module is a vital component, ensuring precise control of material cooling in the printing process.

    Benefits You Can Expect:

    • Optimized Cooling: Say goodbye to warping and distortions. The PLA Cooling Module maintains ideal material cooling, keeping your PLA prints in perfect shape.

    Required for Use of the PLA Extrusion Head: The PLA Cooling Module is an essential component to the PLA Extrusion Head in your F123-series 3D Printer. Please see our PLA Extrusion Kit for savings on the Modeling Head, the Cooling Module, and a 60ci spool of Black PLA!

    Ready to optimize material cooling and achieve top-notch PLA prints? The PLA Cooling Module is your indispensable partner in the 3D printing journey. 



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