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Product Description:

MakerBot METHOD Nylon Filament Black (.69kg, 1.54lb). Nylon’s ability to withstand high temperatures and it’s durability combine to give it above average abrasion resistance. Thus it is an excellent material for replacement parts in a manufacturing facility or distribution center. MakerBot Specialty Nylon is an engineering-grade material that is optimized for high abrasion resistance due to its excellent flexural, tensile, and impact strength, not to mention a heat resistance of up to 180°C. MakerBot Nylon is compatible with MakerBot’s water soluble PVA for unrestricted geometric freedom and is ideal for demanding applications in the automotive and industrial products industries for both functional prototypes and end use parts.

Extruder Compatibility

  • Material Extruder 1
  • Support Extruder 2

Support Material

  • PVA


TECH SPECS:                                                                       Imperial     Metric

Heat Deflection (ASTM 648, 66 psi)                                 196°F     91°C

Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790, 15 mm/min)             250,000 psi 1,700 MPa

Tensile Strength at yield (ASTM D638, 50 mm/min) 9,570 psi 66 MPa

Tensile Modulus (ASTM D638, 50 mm/min)             319,000 psi 2,200 MPa

Strain at Yield - Elongation (%)                                            >10%         >10%

Notched Impact Strength (ASTM D256)                         3.5 ft-lb/in 187 J/m



Nylon is a popular material that can be mass produced for industrial applications. In anticipation of large-scale manufacturing, it can be beneficial to prototype using the same material in order to more closely mimic the final product in form, fit, and function, but also in testing.

Applications include:

• Industrial products

• Seat Belt buckles

• Gaskets

• Manifolds


In a shop or on a factory floor, nylon parts are used for augmented or original tools, jigs & fixtures, and replacement parts such as gears. Nylon’s ruggedness makes it an ideal material for these end use applications.

Applications include:

• Gears

• Pulleys

• Nuts and Bolts

• Assembly Fixtures

MakerBot METHOD Nylon Filament Black (.69kg, 1.54lb)

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