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    Length: 6 days - 9:30am to 1:30pm PST

    Prerequisites: Mechanical design experience; completion of SOLIDWORKS Essentials or similar experience.

    Description: The SOLIDWORKS Advanced course covers the topics of Advanced Parts and Assemblies. You will learn how to use multi-body solids, sweeping and lofting features, as well as the more advanced shaping and assembly modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software.

    Topics covered in this course:

    1. Multibody Design Techniques
    2. Saving Solid Bodies
    3. Sketching with Splines
    4. Introduction to Sweeping
    5. 3D Sketching and Curve Features
    6. Threads and Library Feature Parts
    7. Advanced Sweeping
    8. Intro to Loft and Boundary Features
    9. Advanced Loft and Boundary Features
    10. Advanced Filleting and Other Features
    11. Advanced Mate Techniques
    12. Top-Down Assembly Modeling
    13. Smart Technology
    14. Assembly Editing
    15. Using Configurations with Assemblies
    16. Display States and Appearances
    17. Large Assemblies
    18. Facility Layout
    19. Using SOLIDWORKS Treehouse


    Items included with course (to be sent to the shipping address provided):

    SOLIDWORKS training manual & headset*

    *headset is provided for first time online training students

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