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Length: 30 days access from the time the course is started.

Prerequisites: Access to SOLIDWORKS 2018 or newer.  Have completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials course; experience with the Windows® operating system

Description: GoEngineer's Supported, Self-paced Training is different than other online training courses. Rather than being on your own to understand the material, our students are able to work with our US-based team of Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors to make sure you understand the material and that you're learning the concepts you need to be successful.

Our instructor team is available Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm CST.

Students can Schedule Office Hours with our team or call our team for on-demand help by using the toll-free number (866) 731-0091.


Topics covered in the Flow Simulation course:

  1. Introduction to SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dynamics
  2. Vibration of a Pipe
  3. Transient Shock Analysis
  4. Harmonic Analysis of a Bracket
  5. Response Spectrum Analysis
  6. Random Vibration Analysis
  7. Random Vibration Fatigue
  8. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis 
    SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dynamics - Self Paced Training (supported)

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