SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

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    Length: 4 days - 9:30am to 1:30pm PST

    Prerequisites: Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS and basic mechanical engineering concepts is recommended.

    Description: This course discusses the basics of turbulent fluid flow analysis, in addition to covering meshing concerns, modeling concerns, analysis, post‐processing, available options, and preferences.

    Topics covered in this course:

    1. Creating a SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Project
    2. Meshing
    3. Thermal Analysis
    4. External Transient Analysis
    5. Conjugate Heat Transfer
    6. EFD Zooming
    7. Porous Media
    8. Rotating Reference Frames
    9. Parametric Study
    10. Free Surface
    11. Cavitation
    12. Relative Humidity
    13. Particle Trajectory
    14. Supersonic Flow
    15. Particle Trajectory


    Items included with course (to be sent to the shipping address provided):

    SOLIDWORKS training manual & headset*

    *headset is provided for first time online training students

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