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Length: 30 days access for each, individual course from the day the course is started. Each course has a separate start and end date. Courses can be taken simultaneously or separately.  

Prerequisites: Access to SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation 2020 or newer.  Have completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials course; experience with the Windows® operating system

Description: This training bundle includes SOLIDWORKS Plastics Essentials and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Advanced.

GoEngineer's Supported, Self-paced Training is different than other online training courses. Rather than being on your own to understand the material, our students are able to work with our US-based team of Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructors to make sure you understand the material and that you're learning the concepts you need to be successful.

Our instructor team is available Monday-Friday from 7am-7pm CST.

Students can Schedule Office Hours with our team or call our team for on-demand help by using the toll-free number (866) 731-0091.

Topics covered in the Plastics Essentials course:

  1. Basic Flow Analysis
  2. Detecting a Short Shot
  3. Automation Tools
  4. Injection Locations
  5. Materials
  6. Mesh Manipulation
  7. Detecting Air Traps

Topics covered in the Plastics Advanced course:

  1. Gate Blush and Venting Analysis
  2. Packing and Cooling Times
  3. Multiple Cavity Molds
  4. Symmetry Analysis
  5. Valve Gates and Hot Runners
  6. Using Inserts
  7. Advanced Molding Processes
  8. Cool and Warp Analysis
    SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium Bundle - Self Paced Training (supported)

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