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Length: 5 days
A BLOCK - 8am-11am CST
B BLOCK - 12pm-3pm CST
C BLOCK - 4pm-7pm CST

Prerequisites: Must have attended the basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium class, or have similar experience with SOLIDWORKS and working basic knowledge of finite elements, basic mechanical principles and basic principles in Vibrations.

Description: This class will raise your SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA skills to the next level. It offers hands-on experience for the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium nonlinear module. It provides an overview on a wide range of nonlinear structural/mechanical analysis topics. You will learn how to deal with models that exhibit large displacements and/or yielding, discuss and practice the use of many material models available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how to drive a non-linear analysis to successful completion.


Topics covered in this course:

Lesson 1: 
Large Displacement Analysis

  • Case Study: Hose Clamp  
  • Linear Static Analysis  
  • Nonlinear Static Study  
  • Linear Static Study (Large Displacement)  

Lesson 2: 
Incremental Control Techniques  

  • Case Study: Trampoline  
  • Linear Analysis  
  • Nonlinear Analysis - Force Control  
  • Nonlinear Analysis - Displacement Control  

Lesson 3: 
Nonlinear Static Buckling Analysis

  • Case Study: Cylindrical Shell  
  • Linear Buckling  
  • Linear Static Study  
  • Nonlinear Symmetrical Buckling  
  • Nonlinear Asymmetrical Buckling  

Lesson 4: 
Plastic Deformation

  • Case Study: Paper Clip  
  • Linear Elastic  
  • Nonlinear - von Mises  
  • Nonlinear - Tresca’s  

Lesson 5: 
Hardening Rules

  • Case Study: Crank Arm  
  • Isotropic Hardening  
  • Kinematic Hardening  

Lesson 6: 
Analysis of Elastomers

  • Case Study: Rubber Pipe  
  • Two Constant Mooney-Rivlin (1 Material Curve)  
  • 2 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (2 Material Curves)  
  • 2 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (3 Material Curves)  
  • 6 Constant Mooney-Rivlin (3 Material Curves)  

Lesson 7: 
Nonlinear Contact Analysis

  • Case Study: Rubber Tube  

Lesson 8: 
Metal Forming

  • Bending
  • Case Study: Sheet Bending  


    Items included with course (to be sent to the shipping address provided):

    SOLIDWORKS training manual

    SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Nonlinear - Instructor Led Online Training

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