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Length: 6 days
B BLOCK - 12pm-3pm CST

Prerequisites: Students attending this course are expected to have the following: CAMWorks 2.5-axis training (SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training). Experience with SOLIDWORKS Design Software. Experience with CNC Machining.

Description: This course builds upon the prerequisites learned from SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard Training and primarily focusing on advanced 3-axis Roughing & Finishing toolpath operations.

Topics covered in this course:

  1. CAMWorks Basics and User interface
  2. Multi-Surface Features
  3. Avoid and Contain Areas, toolpath limits
  4. Inserting operations, Common Operation Parameters
  5. Area Clearance and Z Level Operation Parameters
  6. Pattern Project
  7. Constant Stepover
  8. Pencil Mill
  9. Curve Project
  10. Axis Undercut



    CAMWorks 3 Axis Milling - Instructor Led Online Training

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